Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch

Labels. Prints. Fabrics. 
Digital Applications. 
Since 1967.

At Mion, excellence is the result of a collective effort. Every action counts. Every person is essential. Every stage of our production is meticulously cared for because the aspiration is always to achieve perfection.



Quality is in the ability to make an impact.

The exclusivity, beauty and quality of Mion labels complement those of the luxury garments for which they are intended. The ability to turn every product into a small masterpiece is the achievement of years and years of activity and skilled manual labor, which is still crucial today in production, combined with the technological evolution of the looms.

Perfection is in the depth of an expert gaze.

Perfection is never a superficial condition but stems from continuous research, knowledge, and experimentation. Our typography's gaze goes deep, exploring all the possible expressions of paper material, selecting the best.

Exclusivity is in the possibility of creating new shapes.

We carry out special and exclusive fabric projects tailored for the setup of stores and other exhibition spaces on commission. We work with large textile formats and original shapes, always maintaining the attention to detail that distinguishes us.

Uniqueness is  the 
outcome of effective dialogue.
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effective dialogue.
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effective dialogue.

We offer a digital label production service to certify the uniqueness, authenticity, and traceability of clothing items. We bridge technology with manufacturing tradition to ensure our customers a safe and quality product.

Mion - The finishing touch


It's in our vision of every single step

Our choices and actions are guided by respect for people, the environment, and the economic and financial balance of the company. Sustainability in all aspects of our business is the driving force of our company: it has been since its inception and will be for the future years.

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