Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch

We are Mion, manufacture since 1967

Our story began in 1967.  Today, our journey can be summarized in the balance between two seemingly opposing, yet closely interlaced concepts: innovation and tradition.

Innovation represents our relentless pursuit of new ideas, technologies, and methods to improve what we offer to our customers, both in terms of product and service. It is the driving force that has always pushed us into unexplored territories, to challenge the status quo, and, above all, to go beyond our limits.

Tradition is the foundation upon which our daily work is based. It is the memory of the people who have worked with us, bringing ideas and projects. It is the respect for techniques and methods that have withstood the test of time, but more importantly for the values that have permeated the soul of this company for over half a century.

Innovation propels us forward, while tradition keeps us rooted, but it is the combination of the two forces that allows us to evolve, while maintaining our unique identity, and to seek excellence in every aspect, constituting the key to our success for over 50 years.

Our Mission is to be a 'casket'

We share with our customers the aspiration for excellence, aware that we are the Detail that guarantees the exclusive Identity of their Products.

Mion Drone View

Since 1967, our textile manufacturing facility has been located in Torreglia, nestled in the Regional Park of the Euganean Hills. Take an immersive experience through our Mion Virtual Tour tool to explore our production facilities.

Our Vision is to look beyond the horizon

We look forward to future market challenges, strengthened by our Italian manufacturing tradition, which we make more and more innovative every day. Mion is also transparency: our campus can be visited at any time as part of our commitment to customers.
A story of people and ideas, the result of a unique passion that has driven us to strive for excellence in every aspect for 50 years.

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