Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch

Digital Applications

Uniqueness is the outcome of an effective dialogue.

In an era increasingly dominated by digitization, brands find themselves needing to explore new ways to "connect" with their consumers, even through their own products. To meet this requirement, Mion has developed smart labels and tags that provide a quick, simple, and intuitive service, useful for various purposes, including traceability, authenticity, and consumer engagement.

Mion offers its customers a custom sketching service, through which it is possible to create on-demand simulations of labels and digital tags.

To enhance product traceability at every stage, it is possible to adopt a combined approach by integrating the use of an RFID tag with an interaction system based on QR Code and/or NFC. This solution enables the tracking of the entire journey of the garment, from creation to delivery to the customer. In this way, the product tells its story firsthand, without the need for intermediaries. Serialization with unique identifiers ensures strict traceability of each garment.

This extends to all stages of the product's lifecycle: thanks to Mion's woven labels, consumers can learn about the environmental journey of the garment, even in its second-hand life. The lifespan of a woven label far surpasses that of a printed label, thus being able to "narrate" the garment throughout its entire existence. At the same time, brands will gain a better understanding of their consumers.

Mion has introduced into its service portfolio MIOO, the only technological solution that allows linking an NFT to every product on an industrial scale through blockchain, thereby generating the ultimate guarantee of Authenticity, Origin, Warranty, and Ownership.

This establishes a bridge between the physical and digital worlds, as well as between offline and online realms.
MIOO is a consumer engagement platform that provides brands with the opportunity to enhance their offerings with new digital assets by connecting woven labels with blockchain technology. The NFT thus becomes the natural support for the Digital Product Passport (DPP), which will become mandatory by 2025, encompassing all Tracing and Sustainability information.


Adopting smart labels

The reasons compelling brands to adopt smart labels are primarily:

  • Traceability
  • Automated Inventory Management
  • Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Consumer Engagement
  • Marketing and Customer Profiling

The most widespread smart product

The most widely adopted smart product is the woven label, which is applicable in all cases where it can be used since it typically remains sewn onto the garment throughout its entire lifespan. This allows users to interact with the product at various points in time.
The tag serves as an alternative in cases where the application of a label is not possible or anticipated, such as with accessories, design objects, and occasionally footwear.

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