“Mion has acquierd the majority of TIPOGRAFIA DANIELE”

“The group of excellence”

After many years of collaboration on many projects, Mion has acquired the majority of Tipografia Daniele Srl.

“Our clients seek excellence both in terms of service and products and it is our strong belief that only a fully integrated manufacturing company is able to guarantee similar standards. Hang Tags are the natural complement of woven labels and are therefore for Mion, (which is already the largest manufacturer of woven labels in Italy) the most compelling challenge for the years to come “.

This is the statement made to Pambianconews by the CEO Niccolò Mion, illustrating the motivations of an investment that aims to increase the Group’s level of excellence.

The challenge will now be to 100% integrate two similar realities, but which have so far operated according to different methods, to the point of creating a harmonious group that can best serve the needs of the luxury market.

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Mion acquisisce Tipografia Daniele