Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch



Mioo presents The Source: the Experience room where garments become Nft with digital passport less errors, logistics costs and more fight against counterfeiting. Manage the entire production chain, logistic flows and the shop thanks to a single technology; buy a garment and have, by framing the smart label sewn inside, the Nft corresponding to it in a few clicks.

A benefit for the fashion industry, in terms of reducing logistical costs, combating counterfeiting and tracking the 'grey market'. And a change in the consumer experience.

Mioo together with Mion and with the support of Aton has created an Experience Room to meet the fashion industry's need for innovation. Through The Source, present at Mion's headquarters, visitors can experience the advantages of a logistics and shop management entirely based on rfid technology, integrated in Mion's smart labels and Aton's .onTag solution. A link between physical and digital, .onTag puts the product at the centre of a journey that starts from its production, passes through the shop and reaches the consumer, thus improving the customer experience. The smart labels themselves then, thanks to the Mioo platform and interaction with the Hedera blockchain, become the key for the consumer to collect the Nft associated with the garment they have just purchased. Mioo's solution enables the industrial blockchain collateralisation of all garments produced by a brand, at a predetermined cost.

The decision to adopt Hedera as a technology partner makes Mion the fastest, cheapest and, above all, sustainable solution in terms of environmental impact: Hedera is in fact certified, to date, as the blockchain with the lowest environmental impact, with an energy consumption per single transaction closer to that generated by a credit card transaction than the consumption of other blockchains.

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