Mion - The finishing touch
Mion - The finishing touch



The new partnership with Fairly Made® allows us to do all this.

Always inclined to innovation and close to environmental issues, Mion wants to contribute to making the fashion industry more transparent.

The achievement of this goal is possible through the recent collaboration with the SaaS platform leader in France in the traceability and assessment of the environmental and social impact of the textile industry. By providing our technological and organizational expertise with Fairly Made®’s know-how, we will enable brands to tell their consumers about their commitment to the environment.

The aim of this collaboration is to support fashion brands in the process of adapting to the regulatory requirements of the sector, already in force in France with the AGEC law (Loi anti-gaspillage économie circulaire | Ministères Écologie Énergie Territoires (ecologie.gouv.fr)), which require the reporting of information that goes beyond the simple “made in” to include the key stages of production, in such a way as to emphasize greater sustainability and traceability of products.

This will be done through our smart woven labels, sewn on the garments, equipped with a serialized and unique QR code. This code, once scanned, will lead consumers to the web page dedicated to the specific item, where the related sustainability and traceability information will be reported, extended to all phases of the product’s life cycle.

Thanks to Mion labels, consumers will therefore be able to monitor the environmental impact of their garments, and this will also be valid for second-hand garments, since the longevity of a woven (rather than printed) label guarantees the legibility of the QR code for the entire lifecycle of the garment.

The partnership with Fairly Made® is the answer to an ever-growing demand for transparency, not only from governments, but also from consumers. In fact, these last ones will be able to access detailed information on the durability, traceability, and environmental impact of the garment, thus being able to make informed decisions and combat the practice of so-called “greenwashing”.

Through this collaboration, based on shared values, Mion becomes a protagonist of the change towards a more sustainable future for the Italian and international fashion industry.

A future in which transparency and awareness guide the choices of consumers and producers, to protect the environment and sustainability.

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